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Local, Pasture-Raised Chicken

Local, Pasture-Raised Chicken

PriceFrom $135.00

We are excited to partner with Sullivan Poultry to bring our community access to local, pasture-raised cornish cross hens at an incredible price.  Due to the seasonal nature of local food, items may need to be substituted.  An example of the box contents see below:


1 Whole Chicken appx 3-3.5lbs

2, "funky chickens" (these are whole chickens damaged in processing and may have a broken or missing wing, torn skin, etcetera) appx 3-3.5lbs each

2, boneless, skinless breast packs (appx. 2 lbs each)

2, bone-in, skin-on thigh packs, (appx  2 lbs each)

2, party wings packs,  (appx 2 lbs each)

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