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Winter 2022 on the Farm

Hello farm-friends! We hope you had a peaceful end of the 2021 year and that your new year is feeling fresh! As many of you know, we planned our first holiday from the farm for this fall and got to "take off" to visit family in Georgia, have some physical reprieve from the repetitive motion that is production-farming microgreens, year-round, get settled into our recently leased farm expansion project, spend some extra time with our littles during the holidays.

At the bottom of the steep steps leading to the riverfront in Savannah

Georgia was such a great time getting to see my sister and her kids for the first time in 4 years! That meant actually getting to meet my niece who was born in November 2020! After visiting with the family, we decided no vacation to the literal other side of the country would be complete without touching our toes in the ocean, so- we headed out to Tybee Island for a few nights. We ate so much delicious food and intentionally sought-out places that served the most locally sourced ingredients (bonus points for microgreens- which we actually never received because the local farm was having supply issues!) - But - I digress...

On our final day, we started the trip back to the Atlanta Airport with a pit-stop in Savannah and - it was definitely someplace I would like to return to for a visit. We fell in love with the rich preservation of history of the area and the conversations it opened up with our kids (and the food, of course).

We returned to California on the night of Thanksgiving (with colds we picked up our niece and nephews) and celebrated Rick’s birthday in a low-key, recoup at home fashion.

The first week of December, Microgreens planting resumed on the farm and we are so excited to have connected with a

local seed broker/producer over the past couple years, and can officially say over half of our microgreens seeds are locally produced/sourced! I’m still shocked that we have been blessed with this connection so soon. I thought it was a great future goal, but I guess once you put those pure intentions out there into the world, there’s no stopping it if it’s meant for you!

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