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Lorenzo Jameson is here!

We are so excited to announce the official arrival of our newest son, Enzo! It’s been quite the wild ride these past 8-weeks with the state of the world being turned upside down just after his debut!

He arrived after an unexpectedly lengthy labor that began the night of March 1st, and ended March 3 at midnight!

Everything went well for mama and baby, but this boy was almost born en caul (which was eerie as it was something that came to me in a dream months before) so it made labor/ transition drag on for what felt like forever. Once everything was in place he was born in two painless pushes in the peace and calm of our bathtub at home just like his brothers.

The weeks following Lorenzo’s arrival have been a whirlwind. Rick has been working around the clock to keep the farm production flowing, and managing the house to boot!). We were so blessed by friends and family That first week with meals, treats and flowers to ease some of the chore of keeping everyone fed.

We found out right away that baby had some challenges that we hadn’t faced before as parents and were able to have his tongue and lip ties released when he was just a week old- but the follow up for this procedure is grueling for mama and painful for baby so it was an added roughness we weren’t prepared for emotionally. Days after the procedure, we all went on lockdown and more chaos ensued. In a matter of days, we lost 80 percent of our income by way of restaurant closures. With the support of our community, we were able to find homes for the good majority of the microgreens we had sitting in the fridge, and the next two week‘a plantings that were already in the greenhouse, while making a game-plan for the immediate future.

It has now been over 6-weeks since the shelter-in-place began, and we have found a bit of a rhythm with increased CSA memberships and our retail locations. In addition to direct from the farm memberships, Orchard Nutrition Center, Country Organics, and Holiday Markets, you can now purchase our compostable clamshells at all From the Hearth locations In Redding and Red Bluff for both pick-up and delivery.

We hope you are all well and finding the nectar in the chaos we are facing as a community, nation, and species.

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