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2020 Vision

**a blog I wrote early-mid last year that I decided to go ahead and share in hindsight— the best way forward is through 🌱🌱**

As is the world, we are spending much time staying fluid and adapting to the evolving society's needs. We have just run into the second phase of shuttering restaurants that we -JUST LAST WEEK- resumed delivering microgreens to! With the first wave of shut down for the State of California, we lost nearly all of our business. We had recently moved the farm home and spent our entire savings making it functional for the farm to shrink in as we welcomed our newest little sprout to the family in March, and all plans for a postpartum recovery time for this mama were put on pause as I jumped back into work (figuratively- you still are unlikely to see me jump at 4 months postpartum)!

We were able to press the pause button on the collaborative CSA program, and -after offering options for refunds- our wonderful (fully paid) subscribers graciously accepted microgreens only subscriptions until we were able to confidently resume the program. I am so so so humbled and grateful for this community of support. As we enter into this second shuttering, we have learned things and had time to plan for what we will do *when* this happened again. Farmers in our circle are keeping up the work and harvests are abundant so we are moving forward to resume the boxes!

While we are still working out the details on pick-up and location, we are confident that those things will work themselves out. Right now, we are working on purchasing a refrigerated van to ease the burden of cold storage for the limited amount of time we require storage prior to distributing food. If you are interested in participating in the boxes, please contact us to arrange deposit to reserve yours!

I am working on an update for the farm with a virtual tour of everything we have been working on post-move. It has been so much work, but also offered a simplifying that has been so needed during these unexpected times. We hope you are well and continue to find joyFULL moments with people you love.

In Health,

Heather and Family

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