CSA Membership Options

We have several CSA options available- from microgreens, only (and the foundation of everything we are able to offer) to letting us do your weekly shopping for you with one of our collaborative CSA market boxes (invitation, only).  

Click for a list of collaborating vendors.


Over the last 4 years, we have been cultivating relationships with and sourcing foods from some wonderful local farmers and artisans with the intention of producing a comprehensive, collaborative CSA box offering for nourishing the body, mind, spirit, and planet.  Our boxes aim to contain no single-use plastic items aside from meats.*

*(mandated to be in plastic to meet USDA standards)

Quarterly Quart Farmshares $130

Prepay and save!  13 weeks of nutritious and delicious microgreens of your choice, PLUS exclusive access to our online "members market" packed with optional add-ons from dozens of local farms and artisans.  All your local favorites in a one-stop shopping experience for prices you won't find anywhere else!


Everything Mix

Shoots: pea/ sunflower

Broccoli Microgreens




9a-8pm, weekly

Local, plastic-free eats in nature with
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Special delivery from our loving friends
vegan treats!)
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Outdoor Market vendors wanted for our #z

Our weekly offering is highly seasonal and based on availability, but we are confident we have sourced the more nutritions, locally produced foods available -as package-free as possible (zero-waste)! 

Microgreens (v)

Organic Vegetables & Herbs (v)

Raw Cheese

Cultured Butter




Bulk dry beans and grains (v)

Organic Citrus (v)

Apples & Cider (v)

Pomegranates (v)



Raw Honey

Organic Olive Oil (v)

Wine (v)

Raw Milk

Organic Sauerkraut (v)

Organic Sourdough Bread (v)

Pasture Raised Meats

Organic Coffee (v)

Walnuts/ Pecans/ Pistachios (v)

Body Products- Lotions, Soaps

Household items (candles, bees cloth, towels, straws, etc)